Glass Heat Plates

A?clear alternative to heating

Thermique??heat plates represent the next generation of heating devices。 These transparent glass plates can be controlled automatically or manually to run at variably high temperatures。?Additionally, the glass heat plates?are an ideal heating solution when moisture, condensation and fogging are a concern; all are eliminated leaving a completely unobstructed view。


  • – Available sizes range from 6″ x 6″ to 29.5″ x 72″
  • – Temperatures can be set from 75° F to 350° F
  • – Color and designs can be applied to the heat plates; Clear is the standard
  • – The?surface requiring heat?must fall within a square?or rectangular space


We’re here to enhance your products by replacing bulky, unsightly, and outdated heating devices with the simple, clean look of glass.?Our team of engineers is on hand and ready to?answer any additional application questions?on if & how glass heat plates can transform your product lines.

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