Recycled Glass

Do you have a need for glass cullet? We have plenty to go around.

Even as waste, glass can upgrade the look of decor.

We have recycled glass counters in our own office kitchen and bathroom!

Dyed glass cullet adds a splash of color to stone bowls.

Recycled glass cullet can be dyed any color making it a stunning display for fireplaces.

Reject glass all packaged up and ready to be recyled。

Waste to Worth

EGP recyles?the vast majority?of our glass panel rejects and glass cullet to other businesses that have a use for it. Partnering with organizations like ?and the we have found synergies with other companies who take our waste glass and use it in their products.

Use Recyled Glass For

    • Concrete Items
    • Fiberglass
    • Tiles
    • Aggregate
    • Counters
    • Drainage
    • Landscaping
    • Beach Sand



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