EGP BlogSpot: Blog #1 – Making Glass Make A Difference

As pioneers of heated glass technology here at Engineered Glass Products, “we make glass that makes a difference.” What kind of difference? One of our first innovations took place in the 1970s when, operating as Marsco Manufacturing, our engineers developed a heat reflective glass coating that paved the way for appliance manufactures to add windows to heat generating appliances. EGP underwent an ownership change in the mid-1990s, and as the decade progressed, we came to view heated glass technology as our core competency. Why not nurture what we excel at? It was then that we decided to hone our business on smaller heated glass (where we can also control the process from beginning to end).

大富翁水果机Our ground-breaking product, Thermique? heated glass, was the outcome to our quest to diversify our product line and offer the glass industry a new, exciting alternative. A patented control system that evenly heats the entire glass surface to maintain a pre-determined temperature, the plates assure safety because both the glass and electrical control mechanisms are UL-approved, unlike competitive products. We are happy to say EGP has found its niche in manufacturing this next-generation heating device (not to mention we also have the US patent rights on heated glass used in towel warmers!). Are you ready to replacing bulky or outdated heating devices with the simple, clean look of glass?

Our heated glass may just be the missing component to your next great product concept. To learn more about this innovative technology and to see how heated glass can advance you product design, please call us at 312-326-4710 or email?us at — ?Thanks for stopping by to learn more about EGP, and we hope to see you again soon!


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