For EGP the future was clear

Located in Chicago’s Bridgeport neighborhood, Engineered Glass Products was orginally founded in 1947 as Marsco Manufacturing. Even at that time, the company?was distinguished as a world leader in customized product solutions. Initial product lines?focused on?dials and gauges.?Then with the advent of television,?Marsco was?among the first to manufacture protective gray glass sheilds for TV tubes. At that point,?focus shifted to what would?ultimately?become our signature product, Glass.

By?the 1970s, Marsco had pioneered the use of heat resistant coatings for glass, specifically appliance glass. Our Heat Barrier???coating transforms glass into a?high tech barrier that reflects heat inside the oven. Top appliance manufacturers still choose the Marsco brand?as their?#1 supplier of coated glass for self cleaning ovens.

In 1995 current CEO, Mike Hobbs,?orchestrated a management buyout of the company and began?modernizing the company’s corporate structure, processes and vision.?With a strong dedication to?scientific research and innovation, it wasn’t?long before our engineering team struck upon a revolutionary new concept- to use coated glass as?a uniform, temperature controlled?heat source. The Thermique? Heated Glass brand was born.

In 2004 Marsco Manufacturing??expanded to become Engineered Glass Products (EGP).

Today, EGP is still a global leader in glass technologies. We deliver unparalleled products, services and value to our customers, making us the clear choice for high tech glass solutions. Our commitment to continuously improving products and services for customers and providing a?desirable work environment for employees has?always?been and will always be our mission.

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